Bourbon Caramel Sauce


These past few months, my life has been taken over by planning and preparing for my 2 weddings. I am happy to say that my husband and I have successfully tied the knot and we had wonderful celebrations with our beloved friends and family. Now that it’s all done with, we have been trying to clean up after the storm, literally and figuratively. We’ve needed time to clear our minds and our apartment of all the items that were left from our weddings. And now that we are comfortably settled, I am happy to be posting recipes of food that I’ve been cooking for us once again. That being said, it felt appropriate to start with something sweet since everyone knows us as “The Sweeties” and we are in the honeymoon period of our marriage. I hope that this recipes helps to spread sweetness (but not diabetes; it’s all in portion control, people) to those who try it.


One of my favorite Food Network stars is Sandra Lee. She hosted a show called “Semi-Home Made with Sandra Lee.” I loved how she was a realistic cook in knowing that very few people have time and energy to cook everything from scratch. Sometimes you need help from the store, but there are ways to play things up and to put your own spin on prepared foods. I made this bourbon caramel sauce to accompany brownies that were made from a Ghirardelli brownie mix. I also use this sauce to pour on top of my bourbon caramel bread pudding.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this recipe. Caramel is actually really easy to make at home if you have the know-how and a little bit of patience.

Cooking Tips

If possible, use a sauce pan that is lighter in color when you’re making caramel. Dark pans make it more difficult to tell if the sugar has gotten to the perfect level of caramelization, which is crucial for making a successful caramel.

Be VERY careful when making any candy because you need to heat sugar to very high temperatures to melt it. NEVER dip your finger in to have a taste when you’re making this sauce or any candy because you will burn yourself.

Do not use plastic cookingware (e.g., plastic ladle) to stir the caramel. It will melt and ruin your caramel and cookingware. Instead, use silicone or wooden spoons for the job.


Servings: 4-6
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes

2 cups sugar
1 cup heavy whipping cream
splash of Bourbon
1 tbsp butter
pinch of salt to taste

Place the sugar in a sauce pan and allow to heat on medium high heat. Allow the sugar to begin melting. If necessary, use a spoon to mix the remaining sugar crystals with the melted sugar for even melting.

Once sugar is all melted, turn fire to medium or medium-low heat and allow the sugar to slowly brown, approximately 3-7 minutes depending on your pan and stove settings. Watch very carefully.

Once sugar is light brown in color (the color of light brown sugar), immediately add in whipping cream. Slowly stir until the chunks of caramelized sugar have fully dissolved into the cream. Then add splash of Bourbon.

Continue stirring and cooking on medium heat until sauce just coats the back of a spoon or until it reaches its desired thickness. At the end of cooking, add in butter and salt to taste.

Allow to cool and then taste for seasoning. Add additional salt to taste.



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